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Valkyria Chronicles will be ported to PC

All hail the SEGA PC Ports campaign, for it is a success as SEGA revealed it will release Valkyria Chronicles on the PC.

Well, we don’t know for sure if the campaign is the primary reason for the port, but it certainly didn’t hurt. The SEGA PC Ports campaign began in January and was aimed to raise enough support to convince SEGA to port many of its popular console titles to the PC.

“Among those many other requests, outside of the suggested three, special consideration should be paid to the widely requested Valkyria Chronicles, as a PS3 exclusive it’s been excluded under factors 2 and 3,” a portion of the campaign read on Change.org. “Despite the potential for a more expensive and involved porting effort, the PC has a strong history (one which you’ve had a significant hand in) of strategy titles and we feel Valkyria Chronicles is a natural compliment to your other, strategic, offerings on the PC platform.”

Chatter of Valkyria Chronicles began before SEGA’s announcement when a PEGI rating for the game was published, suggesting the title would be making its way to Europe at some point in the future.

Chris Powell

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