Sonic, Shadow suits playable in Hero Bank 2

It looks like Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t content to just beat up Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros., as he and Shadow are joining Hero Bank 2. Well, sort of, that is.

The two aren’t technically in the game, but their costumes are as Hero Bank 2’s playable characters Kaito and Nagare can suit up as Sonic or Shadow and enter in the Hero Battle. Once in battle, players can collect the Chaos Emeralds and unleash a Super Sonic move as Sonic or perform a Chaos Control move with Shadow.

What’s more, SEGA released a demo for Hero Bank 2 today on the Japanese 3DS eShop, which is 256 MB.

Despite a heavy multimedia push, that included its own anime series, the original Hero Bank was a commercial failure for SEGA. In its first week of release in Japan in March 2014, the game only sold 15,000 copies, but that didn’t stop SEGA from announcing a sequel in August this year.

Hero Bank 2 is scheduled to be released in Japan on Nov. 27 and hasn’t been announced for release in the West.

[Via the official Hero Bank 2 site]

Chris Powell

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