Hero Bank only musters 15,000 sales in first week in Japan

“Making a new hero-oriented game is really pretty risky,” Hero Bank producer Toshihiro Nagoshi told Famitsu in June last year. “It’s as if you’re trying to challenge all the heroes already out there on their own turf.”

It turns out, Nagoshi was right. Hero Bank released in Japan last Thursday on March 20, giving it four days on the shelves before the Media Create sales for the week ended. In those four days, Hero Bank only sold 15,060 copies, placing it at the 16th spot in the top 20 sales chart.

What’s more, Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2: Deluxe package was released the same day as Hero Bank and sold more than 16,000 copies for the 15th spot.

What do you think is to blame for Hero Bank’s poor sales? Sure, the fact it was delayed from its original December release date might have hurt it more than it helped. Or perhaps people played the demo and were turned off? Who knows for sure, but we’ll definitely be watching closely next week to see if the game can pick up steam or if it continues to tumble.

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Chris Powell

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