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3 New Characters join the Fighting Climax Console Version!

3 more characters are joining the Fighting Climax roster: Accelerator (from Dengeki’s popular light novels and anime: A Certain Magical Index / Railgun), Orihara Izaya (from Durarara, which is getting an anime 2nd season next year), and Dokuro-chan (from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, which I never heard of until now).  Additionaly SEGA and Dengeki Bunko have released a new trailer for the new 3 characters, they also included SEGA’s own Akira from Virtua Fighter and Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles.

Fighting Climax is a title most people are going to import since PS3 & Vita don’t have region lock, and the game looks more awesome than you regular average SEGA title. You can preorder a copy at amiami, they will add extra bonuses! SEGA will be releasing an accessory pack (case and pins) for the Vita, and a Magazine. Take a look at the new screenshot and product pics:


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