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[TGS 2014] SEGA Hard Girls Main Stage report!

The SEGA Hard Girls producer, Zhongshan Masahiro, anime Voice Actresses: Shiori Izawa (Mega Drive), Takayama Yuko (Master System), Aizawa Mai (SC-3000), and the Girl Unit Pop band took the TGS 2014 Main Stage on Saturday. The event started with Girl Unit singing the anime Opening Theme “SMILE ON YOU”. The voice cast shared some of their memories playing classic games like Seaman, JSR, or Virtua Fighter while pictures of their anime counterparts were displayed on stage.

SHG producer, Zhongshan Masahiro, revealed a few details about the Hi ☆ sCoool! SEGA Hard Girls anime: TV Tokyo joined as broadcaster, so 8 TV stations will air the show, including big network Animax, on Wednesday October 8th. The series will spotlight the 3 main SEGA Hard Girls: Dreamcast, Saturn, and Mega Drive, who sill venture in the SEGA Universe learning a lot of SEGA History, games,  and characters, quite educational for the new generations! The girls will graduate as they gather credits solving problems in the SEGA game universe.

A Drama CD, merchandising by Cospa, Good Smile Company and AmiAmi is expected to be released between November this year and Spring 2015.


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