Fantasy Zone II next game to join 3D Classics in Japan

This release will include both the Mark III and System 16 arcade versions of Fantasy Zone II.

SEGA of Japan has just announced that Fantasy Zone II will be joining the 3D Classics line of retro games on the Nintendo 3DS. The latest entry in the 3D Classics series will release on the eShop on July 16 for 762 yen.

This version includes the Mark III (Master System) and System 16 arcade versions, and like the rest of the 3D Classics, Fantasy Zone II will feature stereoscopic 3D visuals.It will also feature several new modes, like Fantasy Zone II Link Loop Land, which is essentially an endless loop challenge to see how far you can proceed and how many points you can earn before dying.

While only the first series of 3D Classics have been released in North America and Europe, Japan is already deep in its second series, with the original Fantasy Zone, OutRun and After Burner II have already been released. We were hoping to see some of these games announced for a Western release during E3, but that sadly didn’t come to pass.

I suppose that’s just SEGA being SEGA, right?

Oh yeah, SEGA of Japan has opened an official Fantasy Zone II site, so you can go there and see screens and read poorly translated Japanese text.

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