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We’re giving away a copy of Dux and want you to win it!

Last week, we shared our extended Hands On feature for the beautiful, yet unforgiving Dux 1.0.

Never before had I struggled so much in a video game; as of press time, I have beaten Dux 1.5 and Redux: Dark Matters multiple times! Yet, I still haven’t managed to get beyond the fourth stage of the original Dux.

So if you think you have the nerves of steel to beat this game, Dreamcast-Scene is teaming up with SEGA Nerds to give away a copy of Dux!

Tweet to us @SegaNerds and tell us why you have what it takes to beat this game. Be sure to include the hashtags #SNcontest, #Dreamcast and #Hucast with your tweet!

The results of the contest will be announced live on an upcoming SEGA Nerdcast episode.

Please note, Dux 1.0 is a game for sh’mup fans by sh’mup fans, so if you don’t think you have what it takes, best to sit this one out as we will be giving away Dux 1.5 next month. Further more, the winning participant is required to share a selfie with Dux 1.0 😛

For more information on Dux, check out DCS’s Game Page.


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