NG:Dev.Team reveals Razion

This is an interesting bit of news, NG:Dev.Team just announced Razion an upcoming horizontal sh’mup scheduled for Autumn 2014 for the Neo-Geo a Dreamcast port has not been announced.

I was quite surprised when I received the press release from the German based studio, I couldn’t understand how they could announce another game so soon. They just released Neo XYX on Feb 24th 2014 and the studio is still fairly small in size. Although things became increasingly clear once I had a look at the trailer.

Razion is fundamentally Dux overhauled for Neo-Geo. Here are some of the additions/changes.

  • Most notably the color scheme has been inverted. Dux emphasized bright colors where as Razion is all about darkness.
  • The players will be controlling the Veteran ship that was featured in Redux: Dark Matters which basically means the game has been retooled with an increased emphasis on reflexes. The Veteran ship lacks the bullet absorption shield, which will necessitate the players to dodge bullets.
  • The game is primarily a 2D sh’mup with 3D effects. Enemies seamlessly transitioning from foreground to midground. Redux: Dark Matters utilized a lot more 3D effects than Dux, but this is taking things to the next level and it looks great.
  • Significant changes have also been made to the levels, changing enemy layouts and bullet patterns but the game is still unmistakably Dux.
  • In later stages, several new enemies are added such as the Terminator inspired sub boss.
  • Significant work has been done on the bosses, in Dux they were all static enemies that fired projectiles. Over here they seem to be slightly smaller in size which allows them to move around the screen. It would also make each boss different, where as in Dux they were all very similar.
  • A new Terminator inspired boss has also been introduced.

I have mixed feelings about this reveal. I am happy that the Neo-Geo audiences will finally experience Dux, but it is unfortunate that they won’t experience the same game.

The comments on YouTube were interesting as well, Dreamcast owners were present in the comments and many acknowledged the similarity to Dux including GagaMan who aptly dubbed the game Dux 3.0.  Then there were those Dreamcast fans who asked when/if it would be coming to Dreamcast?

I asked myself do I really want to play another version of Dux?

Maybe if it is released for 10$. I can’t see myself paying Play-Asia’s usual 45$ fee.

Head on over to DCS for trailer comparisons and the full press release.


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