Shining Resonance’s official site opens, new info here

shining-resonance-gameplaySEGA has launched the official website for its  upcoming Media Vision developed Shining Resonance. Its pretty bare bones at the moment with only some basic information listed, like it will be a PlayStation 3 game and a one-player game, for instance.

Also shown are seven weapons, which we assume the game’s main characters will wield during their adventures and a mighty dragon, who is most likely Kouryuu Irvan. He is the game’s protagonist and can be called into attack by party members by them playing songs through a special instrument.

In other news, Famitsu has published more information, and the game’s storyline looks to be something like this:

In an ancient continent, a land of God known as “Alfheim” exists.

A long time has passed since the dragons who were once powerful in this world perished. Its souls were crystallized and scattered about the world.

However, a dragon survived. And its name is “Kouryuu Irvan.” Seeking the power of the lost dragon, the Imperial Army and Church powers, and now a “Dragon Slayer” who intends to harm the dragon, have begun to stir.

The one who saved the dragon from their clutches was a single “young girl.” And before long, warriors known as “Dragon Instrumentalists” began to gather under the dragon. The dragon recalled a childhood memory of a “young girl” who saved him when he was injured. It was a reunion of fate.

A beautiful and painful story about the girl and the dragon will be told.

shining-resonance-gameplay-002 Shining Resonance will utilize a real-time battle system where you control a single character at a time.

Another character in the game is Sonia Blanche, known as the Lightning Princess of the kingdom of Astoria, according to Gematsu’s translation. She’s attempting to bring her country back to prosperity and is a one of Kouryuu’s allies.

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