Ecco the Dolphin is May’s Game of the Month

Ecco-the-dolphin-genesis-coverWe had a great time playing Shining Force in last month’s Game of the Month Club! We discussed our favorite characters, some tactical tips and how many times we died in the official SEGA Nerds forum thread.

We’d like to congratulate emendez2k4 who won our boxed copy of Shining Force: The Legacy of the Great Intention

In May, Ecco the Dolphin on the SEGA Genesis is our Game of the Month!

Why Ecco?

Ecco the Dolphin, designed by Ed Annunziata and his team at Novotrade International, was released on July 29, 1993, and immediately became one of the most original games to ever grace a SEGA console. Kids, myself included, fell in love with Ecco and his time-traveling adventure to save the planet from aliens.

This game went on to become a standard series for SEGA for many years, seeing sequels on the Game Gear, SEGA CD and Dreamcast.

How it works!

Basically, the way the Game of the Month Club works is we choose a game, play it together and talk about it throughout the month in the SEGA Nerds official forum thread. It’s a month-long discussion, so we encourage you to participate in the discussion thread as often as possible as you experience the game.

As the month comes to a close, we’ll publish an in-depth retrospective about the game and also have a featured discussion about it on the SEGA Nerdcast, where we’ll read some of the best forum posts on air. We also might have a special treat for you Nerdcast listeners on that episode!

How you can play!

Like many of SEGA’s popular classics, Ecco has been ported to many platforms and can be enjoyed very easily today. If you don’t have the original Genesis version, no worries, because here are your alternatives:

3DS for $5.99
Steam for $2.99
Amazon for $2.99
iOS for $.99
Xbox Marketplace for $4.99
– Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

To be eligible to win, you must participate in the forum discussion at least once with a thoughtful, meaningful post that’s relevant to the ongoing conversation. Check out the Ecco the Dolphin official forum thread.

Chris Powell

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