Here’s Crazy Taxi City Rush’s first dev diary

The first developer diary for Crazy Taxi City Rush was released today, and it offers quite a few neat little tidbits on Hardlight Studio’s upcoming mobile title.

Kenji Kanno, the creator of Crazy Taxi, said one of the reasons he likes smart phones is when players begin a game, it starts as a time waster, but then they’re sucked into a really addictive game. There’s no doubt Kanno and the rest of the team at Hardlight Studio hope to capture the same level of addictive gameplay like Angry Birds and Flappy Bird.

Scott West, a senior game designer at Hardlight, said the team is creating missions tailored for the mobile audience. “We’ve got a different audience, a different play style, a different pattern, so we’re trying to fill in missions to fit around your daily routine,” he said. “We have regular pickup missions, daily missions, which are timed so these offer a higher reward. We’ve got all the regular missions, ranking missions and we’ve also got special missions, like a tank mission.”

There will also be 20 cabs to choose from in the game, ranging from hatchbacks to muscle cars. Crazy Taxi City Rush will be released on iOS and Android platforms and currently doesn’t have a set release date.

Chris Powell

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