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Flying Hamster II is the new Monster World game you’ve been waiting for


I think it’s safe to say by now we’re pretty big fans of the Wonder Boy/Monster World franchise. If you’re not convinced, just check out our retrospectives about the series right here and here.

While we’ve longed hoped for a sequel, it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer. Although it won’t be a true Wonder Boy or Monster World sequel, Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed by French developer Game Atelier looks to be the very next best thing.


Flying Hamster II features incredible hand-drawn art, smooth gameplay and a lovely soundtrack. It really does look like a Monster World style game for sure. However, for this game to become a reality, it’ll need your help as Game Atelier has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 to fund its development.

Flying Hamster II is our answer to both Monster World AND Flying Hamster fans, and more largely to any action-adventure games lover,” the description read’s on the game’s Kickstarter page.

[soundcloud params=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”]https://soundcloud.com/gameatelier/flying-hamster-ii-main-theme[/soundcloud]

flying-hamster-kickstarter-fireThe 2D platforming RPG is currently in development for the PC via Steam with a mid-2015 release date. However, there are stretch goals that will enable Game Atelier to port it to the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. For a $12 pledge, you’ll receive a digital copy of the game upon its release and a desktop wallpaper.

Flying Hamster II is by far the most ambitious project we’ve ever planned. Before launching this campaign we worked for months on writing, drawing and coding so we can answer any question regarding all aspects of the game,” Game Atelier wrote. “Pushing our research this far was mandatory to make something that would be really exciting and surprising but that was just the beginning of our journey.

“With your help, we’re ready to fully use our experience, share our knowledge and surpass ourselves in delivering the best gaming experience ever. BE A PART OF IT and let’s shoot for the stars together.”

The game’s protagonist, Newton, has the ability to transform into different animals, like a pig, snake, bear or frog, to name a few. The bear is “strong and can destroy almost everything,” while in frog form, Newton can use his tongue to grab hold of objects, and when he’s transformed into a hamster, he’ll have the ability to fly.

One of the neatest gameplay mechanics we noticed while watching the video is the ability to rotate the world when Newton is transformed into a frog. This is sure to open up some interesting possibilities to add some excitement to the game’s 2D levels.

If you don’t have the cash to help fund the game, you can still help by voting for Flying Hamster II on its Steam Greenlight page.

Chris Powell

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