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Sonic travels to The Legend of Zelda universe in free Lost World DLC

It wasn’t too long ago that Sonic traveled to Yoshi’s Island for a little 2D romp and stomp action in Sonic: Lost World DLC for the Nintendo Wii. Now, he’s going for the full 3D treatment and heading into The Legend of Zelda universe!

The Legend of Zelda Zone will be completely free and available March 27 on the Wii U eShop.

According to IGN, the new stage features aspects from multiple Zelda games with Twilight Princess’ Hyrule Castle viewable in the background, Ocarina of Time’s Stalfos enemies and even Link can be seen flying about on a Loftwing from Skyword Sword. Sonic will be adventuring through Hyrule field but can also delve into a dungeon, where he collects rupees instead of rings, which convert to freed animals after you beat the stage.

Other noticeable changes include hearts instead of Sonic’s rings, which traditionally represented his life meter, and Sonic even dons Link’s green tunic and hat, which looks absolutely adorable on the Blue Blur.

The Legend of Zelda Zone looks fantastic, and we hope it represents one step forward toward a true Mario and Sonic mash-up game.

Chris Powell

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