AGDQ 2016 is a go, here are the SEGA games that will be played

It is that time of the year again! Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual charity event where speed-runners blast through games at supersonic speed for seven days to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It also has a summer counterpart, Summer Games Done Quick. All sorts of games are played but SEGA games in particular will have a presence there. Here are the SEGA games that AGDQ 2016 will have:

January 3rd:

1:08pm ET/6:08pm UK – Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Miles) [All Worlds Run] 2:08pm ET/7:08pm UK – Super Monkey Ball (Barhunga) [Expert Through Master Difficulties]

January 6th:

5:44am ET/10:44am UK – Crazy Taxi 2 (2dos) [Crazy Pyramid] 6:53am ET/11:53am UK – Sonic Advance (Combo Blaze) [Sonic Any%] 7:15am ET/12:15pm UK – Sonic Advance 3 (Kirbymastah) [All Stages] 8:08am ET/1:08pm UK – Sonic Lost World (DarkSpinesSonic) [Any% Wingless]

January 7th:

1:43am ET/6:43am UK – Shinobi (infinitemystery) [Any%] [Via Official AGDQ 2016 Schedule]


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