3D Out Run to be next 3D Classic on Japanese e-shop

So it seems that Out Run is the next title to be given the 3D overhaul in SEGA’s 3D Classics range. Which makes me go: “Weeeeeeee!” (that’s a good thing).

3D OutRun 2At the moment not much else is known, other than a greyed-out 3D OutRun logo has appeared on the Japanese 3D Classics site. So far no confirmed date or pricing – though so far the prices have been very similar across all the 3D Classics.

So far it’s easy enough to guess that the title will be released soon enough on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS e-shop. We can only hope and pray that those sexy folks over at M2 will be able to bring it across to the Western e-shops soon enough, along with the recently released 3D Fantasy Zone.

But I know exactly what you are all thinking.

800px-OutRun3D_EU_coverYes, you are correct. There is already an OutRun 3D! It was released way back in 1988 – so why don’t we all just go play that?!

Obviously I kid – if all the other 3D Classics are anything to go by, 3D OutRun on the 3DS is going to be awesome.

Graham Cookson

I'm the European Editor of SEGA Nerds and co-founder of the original SEGA Nerds website with Chris back in 2004 or 2005 (genuinely can't remember which year it was now!). I've been a SEGA fan pretty much all my gaming life - though I am also SEGA Nerds' resident Microsoft fanboy (well, every site needs one) and since SEGA went third party, I guess it's now ok to admit that I like Nintendo and Sony too :0) I'm also the Content Manager of the big data company, Digital Contact Ltd, in the UK: http://digitalcontact.co.uk/company/team/

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