Why the Border Break countdown is so important

Border Break
Credit: Sega

If you were to click here you will find yourself at a fascinating teaser site hosted by Sega, related to their popular Border Break franchise. It is an interesting digital clock that Sega is calling a “mystery countdown”. These kind of reveals have become more popular in recent years for publishers to tease game releases and have even been used to prank journalism outlets, as was the case with the Fallout 4 hoax originating from the Survivor2299 website from late 2013.
There is little doubt that this website is teasing a new Border Break title. With the current success of both the PS4 and Xbox One, it is possible that a popular online enabled game like Border Break would be a huge success considering the success of the recently released online only mech game Titanfall on Xbox platforms and PC.

Border Break
Credit: Sega

To put into perspective how important Border Break as a franchise is to Sega one needs to only look at how successful it has been for them in arcades. After only being released in a few countries in Asia, Border Break has accumulated total sales of US $100 million.
While their financial situation is stable, there is no doubt that Sega lost ground on the last generation of consoles with several high profile titles that failed to rate and sell well. With a game like Border Break, that is already proven as an IP, they have an opportunity to regain lost traction in a relatively untouched field – that of the mass action mech game.

If Sega does end up announcing a sequel or port of Border Break to current generation consoles there is also no guarantee that it will launch in western markets. However, considering the success of Titanfall recently it stands to reason that they will see a real opportunity to not only make a lot of money but also entrench a stable franchise that has the potential to be their first big hit on the next generation of consoles.

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