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Shenmue tops XboxOne Magazine’s most wanted poll

UK-based XboxOne Magazine (formerly X360 Magazine) recently held a poll asking Xbox One fans what game they would most want to appear on the system. Well fans of the franchise and it looks like the guys and girls from the #SaveShenmue campaign took to Twitter and voted the hell out of Shenmue – meaning our favourite unfinished adventure to find sailors Ryo’s father’s killer ended up topping the poll with a whopping 47% of the votes!

Shenmue ended up beating out other stellar games such as Final Fantasy VII, Elder Scrolls, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout and Half-Life to the top of the poll. Annoyingly XboxOne’s website was displaying the poll results in full earlier, but they seem to have taken it down now.

Anyway, what does this all mean? Well… unfortunately not a lot in the way of physically delivering us a new Shenmue game. As XboxOne Magazine is an unofficial Xbox magazine, so it’s more just a poll for curiosity on the magazine’s part.

However, if you look on the brighter side of things, if SEGA takes notice of these campaigns and the banter happening on Twitter, then (hopefully) they can see that the support is still strong for a new Shenmue. And hey, if Microsoft takes notice too – you know, they might also have some ability to persuade SEGA from some Shenmue love to happen on the Xbox One.

We just can’t hold our breaths on this though…

[Source: XboxOneMagazine]

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