Obama: ‘We’re building Iron Man,’ thank God SEGA is not involved

President Barack Obama had some fun during a White House manufacturing innovation event, announcing he’s making “Iron Man.” Like a real Iron Man, not another one of those crappy licensed games SEGA produced during those dark years.

“Today I am joined by researches who invent some of the most advanced metals on the planet, designers who are modelling prototypes in the digital cloud, folks from the pentagon who help to support their work,” Obama said. “Basically I’m here to announce that we’re building Iron Man.”

Simon Jeffery
Who wants to play some licensed games?!

So why is this SEGA news? Well, I am sure many would like to forget, but after Peter Moore resigned from SEGA in 2003, the executives in Japan thought it would be a great idea to recruit another company’s president, since it worked so well during the Saturn era. Enter Simon Jeffery, former president of Lucas Arts – a studio known for making licence games, such as Star Wars.

He proceeded to model SEGA after Lucas Arts, only instead of making above average licensed games, SEGA produced some of the worst licence games in the history of licensed games during his reign, which included games based on the first two Iron Man movies.

The best part is to produce these third-class licensed games, he sold SEGA Sports studio Visual Concepts to Take 2, dissolving the SEGA Sports label forever and inadvertently coining the publishing label  2K Games (after 2k Sports).

Source: CNN Via IGN


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