SEGA Japan splits Atlus, Index into separate companies

SEGA Japan has announced that as of April 1, the recently acquired Index Holdings will undergo some big changes. Index and Atlus will be split into two separate companies, with the digital game business division, which was formally ran by Index, will change its name to Atlus. The official press release can be read here.

  • “As a result, the main digital game business division company (now Index), will change its name to Atlus. Trade name of the newly founded split company will be Index. Note that they are subsidiaries wholly owned by Sega, in both companies and this will not change.
  • In addition, for Index Digital Media of foreign subsidiaries, also Inc., the trade name will be Atlus USA, to Inc. on the same date.”

Atlus as a company, disappeared because of the merger, Index Holdings was the parent company from October 2010, and Atlus had been maintained as a brand name from then on. In other words, today’s announcement is meant as a rebirth of “Altus.”

[Via 4 gamer]


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