Sonic Dash S could be coming our way next week

eggman-sonic-dash-fullA recent Sonic Dash push notification suggests Dr. Robotnik will be making an appearance in the game next week. Accompanying the image was the question, “Who is firing missiles at Sonic?” Of course, we know who just loves to do that, right?

This probably means the Sonic Dash S update is making its way to our iOS and Android devices. Sonic Dash S was released in Japan last week and features many gameplay and feature changes, including Dr. Robotnik, who has stolen the Master Emerald.

Also included in Sonic Dash S is character specific abilities, which can be unleashed once players reach a required level.

The character specific abilities addition makes sense, as Hardlight Studios’ chief technical officer Chris Southall told on the Nerdcast that his studio tried to do so during the initial development of the game.

“We’ve got the characters in, but we really haven’t done as much as we could or should have done, it has to be said,” Southall said. “But we are actively looking at what can be done with the characters, to definitely make them that little bit more special going forward and not make them exactly the same in terms of gameplay.

“[What we have right now] isn’t what we wanted to do originally, but because of development time issues, we haven’t actually got there yet,” he added. “So definitely watch this space.”



Chris Powell

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