SEGA x Takara Tomy Deal will spawn more IP toys than just Sonic Boom

Japanese toy maker, Takara Tomy, who already has some backstory manufacturing some SEGA toys, announced on Thursday they will develop the Sonic Boom toys.

This weekend they dropped their big guns at Kaiyodo’s Wonder Festival Winter Edition, which is taking place at Japan (Comiket and Wonder Festival, are basically like Japanese Comic-Con and Dragon Con). They announced and presented their upcoming toy lineup at the event, among them… some SEGA ones!

Takara Tomy are the owners and manufacturers of Transformers so they presented their upcoming Robotics Video Game Colletion HD line, the first one revealed was a Transformers x SEGA Hardware one: Mega Drive Megatron. Size will be around 13 cms tall, and will have console transformation, it is rumored to have a special USB feature. There will be more to be announced in the upcoming months, and we can’t wait to see if we can get the SEGA Tower of Power as Fortress Maximus, or a Bumblebee as a Game Gear! You can visit the special minisite Takara Tomy has for the brand here. So it makes more sense the SEGA Transformers Arcade now, huh?

We are already teased you before Tomy was developing Mincroman ARTS with SEGA’s Go Go 575 brand. They also showed Go Go 575 figures at the booth. Microman ARTS is Tomy’s response to already stablished and popular Bandai Brand: Figuarts and Myth Cloths, which also feature super posable articulations node systems. With a lot of competiton to Bandai’s from Revoltech and Figma, it was a natural thing for Tomy to drop in too.

So… we are already in the Wonder Festival goodies too… so I decided to drop in some SEGA extra stuff, since SEGA TOY and some other manufacturers are unveiling things at the event.

SEGA TOY booth showed anime realted stuff, Hatsune Miku, and other Go Go 575 ones as figures. Check this gallery too.

Other manufacturers dropped in some SEGA stuff too. Volks Inc showed some Shining Hearts and Sakura Taisen Charagumin Sets, if you missed the report we made on their SEGA Puyo Puyo ones find it here. While Alter showed an Aliasse from Valkirya Chonicles one, and WING will release a Millia from Guilty Gear X3rd statue.


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