Puyo Puyo 20th and SEGA Resin Figures

It’s been 2 years since the Puyo Puyo¬† 20th Anniversary, however I found out that Charagumin is still selling the resin kits for the Puyo Puyo Main Character Figures.

Resin Kits are basically figures to assemble and paint on your own, but as you can see… once this is done they look gorgeous! But don’t worry if you are not an expert in painting, fortunately Charagumin makes the plastic parts already on the color they should be, so you just have to assemble and paint small details, they even come with a set of eyes so you can use the face looking to where you want to (see the Charagumin assembly instructions example here).

The Set is sculpted by Serika Misaki and each one is about 13 to 14 cms tall (about 5 inches). The cost is around usd $37, but worth them since the work is pretty fine. You can order Arle Nadja here, Carbuncle here, Amitie here, and Ringo here. Enjoy the pic gallery below to see if you want to get them!

Oh! but wait! Charagumin also has more SEGA character figures like Sakura, Selvaria Bles, and some others from Shining Hearts, so head over to the Charagumin figure site to pick whichever you like!


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