SEGA reveals Arcade lineup for JAEPO

SEGA Japan revealed its lineup this year’s JAEPO (Japan Arcade Expo) 2014, not only that but also posted some pics for the upcoming arcade cabinets. JAEPO is the expo were major arcade manufacturers present their novelties on the Arcade Industry. This year SEGA Japan has a really strong Lineup!

  • Fighting Climax: SEGA and Light Novel Publisher Dengeki Bunko join forces for a crossover figthing game. This game has been under our radar for some time now, and promises to be a really epic title. The game features characters and stages for both: Dengeki and SEGA universes. We just cross our fingers and pray to the Denegeki SEGA godesses made by KEI so that maybe one day this comes to America.
  • Guilty Gear X3rd -SIGN- : Don’t let the long title fool you! Guilty Gear Series have been some of the most awesome underrated fighting game series. Sammy used to publish this game, but since the merge, SEGA is in charge of the series now. X3rd has a revamp on the characters look now, developers Arc System decided to abandon old 2D style and transfered them to polygons.
  • Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity : Takumi and his Trueno are back for more arcade battle downhill racing action! The game features a new system to master the drifts while not spoiling water from the glass like in the anime! The arcade is ALL. NET supported so expect a lot online action too.
  • Puyo Puyo QUEST Arcade : This is one of the SEGA Japan strong titles right now with a great battle system for competition, the game has been launched for multiple platforms with crossplay.
  • Hero Bank : This IP has been popular among kids with 3DS, SEGA is making more efforts to spread it more, an anime is coming too. The game also uses a card system.
  • Dead or Alive 5 Ulimate : An updated version for Tecmo’s arcade, the game includes new characters, including a crossover with SEGA’s Virtua Fighter and Tecmo’s own Ninja Gaiden.
  • Mai Mai GREEN Plus : The classic Rythm game is back with a new version.
  • Updated versions for Border Break and Shining Force Cross Elexia.

There will be other arcades like: the return of the weird horse racing arcade game StarHorse3 SeasonIII CHASE THE WIND, manga based Hokuto No Ken Battle Medal, The World of 3 Kingdoms, Onimusha Soul, Gingaaan; and some others for kids like Suizokukan, kids wanpaku, Anpanpan Popcorn 3, and Unochare. You can visit the official SEGA JAEPO site right here!


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