Japanese news roundup for the week

This week we have some merchandise links from goodies that are available at Japan, some OSTs and a video from an upcoming SEGA anime. So enjoy the roundup for this week!


VF 20th
Virtua Fighter OSTs on iTunes

We’ve been celebrating Virtua Fighter’s 20th Anniversary since December, so a bunch of the series Soundtracks were released on iTunes Japan. You can purchase VF1 OST here, VF2 here, VF3 here, and VF4 here, VF4¬†Evolution & FT here, and VF5 final shodown over here.

Wait… want more OST goodies? Enjoying the 3DS remaster project? How about the After Burner OST too? Get it over here. So change the iTunes region and use that paypal account to be able to get them from the Japanese iTunes store!


VF 20th T-shirts
VF 20th T-shirts

The Akita Shoten store released two amazing Virtua Fighter T-shirts to celebrate the 20th Anniversary.

These ones are limited edition, so tell your japanese friends to get them for you since they will be only availble in the country!

The price is around 40 dollars each. You can get them at the Akita Shoten store right here. By looking at them we can tell both models are pretty awesome.

Don’t forget to visit the VF20th site over here.

via [Sega Japan Twitter]


Seems like the partnership between Vocaloid and SEGA is spawning more than just games and products, Go! Go! 575 will not only be a Vita Game it will also have an anime which premieres on Jan 10th on Tokyo MX, so here’s the CM for it.

[via SEGA-fan blog]

JSR awesome T-shirt


This one is pretty much old news but I just finally discovered were to get the SYURIKEN x SEGA : Jet Set Radio Limited Edition T-Shirt, turns out the Mars Sixteen store was the one selling them.

You can visit the store and buy yours over here.

As I continued browsing… turns out I missed some other cool T-Shirts from the collection which include awesome titles such as Altered Beast, Panzer Dragoon, the epic Monster World IV, Golden Axe, Virtual On, Phantasy Star II, Fighting Vipers, and Guardian Heroes among others. Check the designs, even they are not available anymore the designs were pretty sweet. Wonder were are the NiGHTs and the SEGA console colletion ones at the store…

PUYO PUYO QUEST for Mobile, Gameplay video

The Sega Apps Youtube account released a video with the features from this awesome mobile game. If you haven’t seen the game’s weird AD you can watch it over here. I keep my fingers crossed hoping that this game gets an american release…


Mega Drive 25th T-shirtWent browsing on the SEGA Japan Ebten store and found this wonderful Mega Drive 25th Anniversary T-Shirt. I also found an incredible Segata Sanshiro official coffee mug.

I wonder why we don’t get this beautiful goodies over here… sigh! Now… somebody please get me out of the browser… before I start wishing to purchase everything from the store!!!


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