Shenmue Cassette Player lets you relive classic tunes

Walkmans might have gone out of style in the early ’90s, and chances are, if you walked around sporting one today, you’d get your fair share of odd looks or may even a punch in the lunch by some street thugs. That’s why we’re crazy excited the guys at Moon Calf Studios released the Shenmue Cassette Player for free on Android and PC, with iOS support to come soon.

The app emulates Ryo Hazuki’s in-game cassette player from the first Shenmue and “features all the same sound effects, music, animations and graphics as the in-game walkman, and plays all of the cassettes found in the first game, according to the site.”

On Android, there’s a basic version, which has a static background, and an advanced version, that displays a scene in Dobuita with residents walking by on their daily errands.

I downloaded and toyed around with the advanced version and was really pleased at hearing all of Ryo’s old cassettes. It really brought back some fond memories!

You can find it on the Google Play Store here.

[Thanks for the tip, Big Dipper Art!]

Chris Powell

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