Sonic: Lost World patch coming soon

Sonic Lost World for the Wii U will be receiving a new patch to address some issues with the game; according to the Sonic Stadium forums it is to be released on December 11th in Japan only. While there is no announcement for a Western version, it could ultimately be expected to reach our end as well. After all, we all know SEGA can be very much relied upon when it comes to westernizing their products.

The issues which the patch will address are still being kept secretive at the moment, all except for one glitch in particular which affects the Frozen Factory 3 area. Other than that, more details should come about soon.

[Via Sonic Stadium]

Jonathan Neasham

Jonathan resides in London, England. He is an aspiring science journalist and big time lover of all things retro in the SEGA universe. His favourite console is the SEGA Saturn and some of his beloved games include: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Sonic the Hedgehog, Die Hard Arcade, Shinobi and Shenmue. When he’s not playing games he’s probably out looking for sailors.

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