Sonic Dash 1.6 update issues new global challenge, adds beach level, iCloud support

Here’s the beach area of Seaside Hill.

Hardlight Studios has just updated Sonic Dash to 1.6, adding a beach area to Seaside Hill, iCloud support and a new global challenge.

The developer said the new global challenge “is all about the score. You’ll need to score big, contributing to a personal goal as well as a community goal to win boosters and a new mystery character.” We just checked, and it doesn’t look like the new global challenge has begun yet, but this new mystery character could be Blaze the Cat, whose assets were found in an earlier update.

The new beach area promises to be “filled with all new hazards, obstacles” and allow players to “dash along sandy dunes and rickety old piers before darting underwater through submerged, winding tubes,” according to the game’s update.

With the new iCloud support, your progress will be saved automatically and uploaded to iCloud so you can then continue your game and keep your score on another device.


Chris Powell

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