Help Kickstart the chaos with General Chaos II

If you grew up playing SEGA games in the nineties, you will be sure to remember General Chaos.

General Chaos [1994]
The original General Chaos released in 1994 for the SEGA Genesis.

The action packed military arcade strategy game was designed by Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman exclusively for the SEGA Genesis. Players take control of one of four different squads, battling it out in an attempt to capture the enemies city and become the last team standing. The game contained addictive competitive multiplayer, fifty different maps and five unique character classes. While the controls felt a little slow at times, the tactical elements made for some very interesting and exciting nights sat around the TV with your mates. Blowing their faces off with grenades and rockets never gets old. Multiplayer gaming in the nineties did not get any better than this.

Nearly twenty years later, Brian Colin returns to Kickstarter with a proposed sequel. General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos is a re-imagining of the original title. Everything you have come to love from the first game is here; the quirky characters, the competitive gameplay and of course, the engaging battles. Designed for touch screens and use on personal computers, the sluggish d-pad controls are now gone and the action is much faster paced.

The campaign will be running until the 7th of October and the goal is set at $125,000. There are of course many stretch goals beyond the initial funding target, however the development team have vowed to still try their hardest at getting most of the bonus features implemented into the game. Some of these additional goals include extra weapons, upgrades, camera modes, iPad support, vehicles and all the way at the bottom for $700,000, home console versions.

As a fan of the original, it is very exciting to see more classic video game projects resurrected via crowd funding. The development team is certainly passionate and the updated control schemes could do wonders for the fantastic gameplay of the first General Chaos. We hope to invite Brian Colin and company onto the Nerdcast at some point in the future, so be sure to stay tuned!

General Chaos 2

[Source: Kickstarter]

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