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Holy sweet Godiva! Retro SEGA magazines archived online

Ok so this news might be old for some of you out there Рbut I have only  just been informed of this pretty awesome online archive of old magazines Рso please forgive me if you already know about this. But hopefully some of you will have been in the dark and this post will enlighten you. has a small selection of classic UK videogame magazines up on its site for all to download and peruse to your heart’s content. We are talking about some awesome SEGA magazines that I grew up with as a kid, such as: Mean Machines SEGA, S the SEGA Magazine, SEGA Pro, Mega Tech, Mega Drive Advanced Gaming, Mega, DC-UK, Dreamcast Magazine and Official Saturn Magazine.

Plus there’s others on the site, such as Nintendo Magazine and Computer and Video Games (and a few more). One thing I’m shocked about is just how many Mega Drive magazines were on sale in the UK at the same time, plus all the multi-platform ones.

Anyway, the unfortunate thing is that not every issue of every magazine is available on the Out of Print Archive website – but the Official Saturn Magazine seems to have the most – nearly all the issues are available to download, which really brings back some memories for me.

Even if you aren’t from the UK, I would recommend checking out the Official Saturn Magazine archive at least – partly because towards the end of the Official Saturn Magazine’s life, the publication started to focus more on the launch of the Dreamcast – as support for the Saturn started to dwindle.

It’s a really awesome step back into history, seeing what the editors wrote about for the upcoming 128-bit system and what they predicted for its future.

[Special thanks: Seb De Latour, via Email]

Graham Cookson

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