Here’s Plants vs Zombies on SEGA Genesis

This is probably one of the more stranger ports that we’ve come across in a long time. Yeah, that’s right … Plants vs. Zombies running on the SEGA Genesis!

Apparently, this was spotted at the classic console area at PAX Australia and was created by a Russian coder. Is there anything those crazy Russians can’t or won’t do?

“It wasn’t very elegant, and the graphics certainly didn’t have the detail or polish of the game on mobile devices or other modern hardware, but after watching it be played for a while I was struck by how much of the core game play actually survived the conversion,” Dave Cudrev told Penny Arcade. “Considering the lack of hardware in comparison to today’s smart phones, it still plays all right.”

I absolutely love demakes getting ported to SEGA consoles. What other popular titles of today would you like to see have a 16-bit version?

[Via Penny Arcade]

Chris Powell

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