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Not Enough Rings hits stretch goal

There aren’t too many Kickstarter projects that meet their initial funding goal on the first day of the campaign, but Not Enough Rings did it in about 18 hours! The project’s goal is to take the popular Sonic-based webcomic and put it on paper as a book that includes the entire series as well some bonus strips.

Shortly after reaching their goal, a stretch goal was announced at $10,500 to make all the books hardcovers, and now that goal has been met, as well.

“You got us to the hardcover stretchgoal! This is exactly what we wanted and not at all what we expected from this little project,” an update read on their Kickstarter page. “Thank you so much for allowing us to produce the book in the best way possible! We’ll do what we can to dress up the book with cute added features wherever we can think of them.”

We have an interview with Veronica and Oliver, the comic’s creators, in this week’s SEGA Nerdcast, where the two talk about their Kickstarter project’s success, what goes into creating each comic and some of their inspirations. You’ll definitely want to check it out when it’s released later today!

Chris Powell

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