Altered Beast transforms onto 3DS

Many classic SEGA titles are pretty much available on every damn system ever created, and even some microwaves, so this bit of news isn’t all that surprising as SEGA of Japan announced today that Altered Beast is coming to Nintendo’s 3DS in Japan on May 29.

Like many of SEGA’s recent re-releases, the game gives you a wide assortment of options, including playing the North American or Japanese version, two visual modes – a stereoscopic 3D and CRT, mid-game save and “whimsical transformation,” which apparently allows you to choose which beast to transform into at the beginning of a level, to name a few.

With Altered Beast, SEGA has now “transformed”  four classic SEGA games into 3D on the Nintendo handheld, which include Sonic the HedgehogSpace Harrier and Super Hang-On, for 600 yen.


[Via RadioSEGA]

Chris Powell

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