DreamcastGaga visits SEGAKawaii store

We reported the other week that to help launch its new ‘cute’ clothing brand, SEGAKawaii would be holding a two-week long exhibition in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. Unfortunately what with the SEGA Nerds’ team being based mostly in the US and me floating around on the the lonely isles of the UK, we haven’t been able to go visit the temporary store/exhibition setup by SEGA.

SEGAKawaii Exhibit DCGaga 4“Best of all was the two game areas were they had a Mega Drive, Saturn and of course a Dreamcast set up with a ton of games you were free to play. I asked if I could purchase any of the actual games or consoles but unfortunately was shot down.

However, that sexy chap DreamcastGaga has been able to visit the SEGAKawaii exhibition and while the range of cute merchandise is more focused towards the lady-folk, he did enjoy looking at some of the other SEGA products they had on show (but not available to buy unfortunately).

Head on over to DreamcastGaga for more information and plenty of pictures of the exhibition.

Graham Cookson

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