SEGA launches ‘cute’ merch range

It seems that SEGA has a new range of official merchandise for SEGA Nerds everywhere to get excited about. According to the Japanese site, Gamer.ne.jp, SEGAKawaii is the latest brand from our favourite gaming company, which will start selling clothing and other merchandise.

The word ‘kawaii’ (かわいい) in Japanese means ‘cute’, which is obvious from the almost-sickly cuteness of the Dreamcast Controller backpack (not that I don’t want one, obviously) and the girl holding it, in the company’s photos.

The range of clothing and other merchandise is due to go on sale April 25. The Dreamcast Controller backpack (pictured) is said to cost 13,860円 (US$146). Other SegaKawaii items due to go on sale at launch include a Dreamcast t-shirt and a Genesis tank top.

[Source: SEGAKawaii, via Gamer and Kotaku]

Graham Cookson

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