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We are back!

That’s right, SEGA Nerds is back and better than ever! Graham, Nathan, James, Ryan and I are extremely excited about bringing it back and have been hard at work behind the scenes to get it ready for today’s relaunch.

We have some very exciting things in store for the site. Longtime readers will be familiar with many of the returning feature articles (who else has missed reading Graham’s G-Spot?), but we have some awesome new additions coming too, which we always wanted to have on the old site but couldn’t for a variety of reasons.

While content has always and will continue to be an integral part of the site’s success, we believe it’s you, our loyal readers, who made SEGA Nerds such a special place for so many years. We know, with your help, we can recapture the spirit and excellence of the old site.

We’re very proud of our new design, and the new site, while still running on the WordPress platform, offers us a ton of great features and flexibility. First off, it’s completely responsive, so it will scale to meet whatever device you’re using to access the site, from a phone, tablet or desktop PC.

We also have a new review system in place, but our old five-star rating scale will still be the same – Excellent, Good, Average, Bad, Terrible. However, you’ll also be able to cast your vote on a game’s quality! You don’t agree with Graham’s terrible taste in games? Rate the game yourself and show us what the real rating should be!

We also have entire sections devoted to each SEGA console. By clicking them, you’ll be able to read information about each system, as well as learn where you can play their games digitally on today’s consoles.

The forums are alive, too, and they’re completely integrated into our WordPress database, so all you have to do is register on the main site, and you’ll be good to go. No need to worry about two log-ins or any of that nonsense. Be sure to check to check them out and reconnect with your old friends once again!

There are many new additions and features that I can’t list them all here, but I hope you poke around the site and get to know it better.

We truly hope you enjoy the new SEGA Nerds, and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site, please let us know in the comments below or email us at Here’s to many years of SEGA goodness!

A longer explanation about The Kartel situation, our return, our philosophy, and our motivations has been posted here.

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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