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Sonic Mania PC Version delayed to August 29th

During their live stream today, Aaron Webber of SEGA announced that the PC version of Sonic Mania has been delayed to August 29th. They said that the game needs more optimization, saying that they want touch it up a little bit to make sure it works across all platforms. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game are still on track for August 15th.

Those who ordered the Collector’s Edition for the PC version will still receive it on August 15th, and because of this delay, Sonic 1 will be available for free up until August 29th on Steam for those who pre-ordered or bought the Collector’s Edition. It’s unfortunate that this would happen, but they want to make sure this game is as perfect as they want.

Diego Agado Jr.

Currently a student at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Huge Sonic and SEGA fan.
Location: Probably in bed.

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  • McHenryGames

    Indeed. Noooo!

    Oh well, we’ll see who gets the short end of the stick.

    Sonic 1, you kidding!? a game we already have in cartridge and a myriad other compilations

    • shadow1w2

      Ya but at least you can gift it to someone else?
      If you pre-ordered on Steam anyway.
      Then its a matter of finding someone who doesn’t already have it lol.
      I personally I have it five times over.
      Two on cart.

  • shadow1w2

    Heh wish Sonic 1 remastered was on PC that would be a better give out but dang that’s really not much.
    The Soundtrack would have been great considering how close it is to release and the fact we have to wait a whole two weeks while everyone else gets to play it for the same price.
    I’m actually considering canceling my pre-order from Humble if they’ll let me. Pretty sure I don’t even get a copy of Sonic 1. That might be for pre-orders on steam only.
    I saved close to five dollars but eh, maybe I can just wait for the next Steam sale instead.
    Steam Early Access wouldn’t hurt either if its really just some bug fixes.
    Least they could do is tell us what the real problem is but eh, its likely out of their control, pre-ordering games is kinda dumb anyway, I just really wanted it day one was all. (that and the discount was nice)

  • Hikingguy

    I use to care about stuff like this a lot. Until one day I realized that in the grand scheme of life, stuff like this really matters very little. So no big deal. I have learned that video games will come out when they come out. I use to waste my time caring about every video game that got delayed. Just like almost every other game that I have cared about since the beginning, once it is out, it will be out and will be available for long enough for me to play it if I want. No biggie.

    • You’ve got things figured out, Hikingguy. Great outlook and perspective. ☺️

      • Hikingguy

        I do appreciate the heads up though. Life sometimes has a way of reminding me what really matters. Sometime that reminder is no fun. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things Sega. I am glad I found this website!

  • captainbuck

    Yeah, still pissed the physical release is not announced/coming later.

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