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SEGA plans on reviving dormant IPs, aim for releasing “big hits”

For years, SEGA fans have asked and pleaded the blue brand about bringing back some of their favorite games and it appears they might be getting their wish. SEGA presented their financial results on Friday and published their presentation the other day that outlines their plans as far as 2020. 

According to SEGA, they plan on continuing to “create moving experiences” and aim to bring in 300 billion yen in yearly sales. In order to achieve that goal, SEGA plans on carefully releasing “big hits” instead of not-so-big hits and focus on promising titles, using their marketing resources to promote them. 

For their digital games, their plan is as follows:

  • Create titles that will become global hits
  • Establish digital marketing business
  • Expand overseas publishing business
  • Maintain profits through long-term operation of existing titles
  • Develop next-generation titles

For packaged games (console), their plans include the following:

  • Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games
  • Build revenue base by being entrusted with outsourced development
  • Challenge for new IPs
  • Revival of major IPs
  • Effective utilization of development engines

In November of last year, SEGA publsihed a poll, asking fans about IPs they would like to see come back. The results included some IPs we haven’t seen in a while, so it could be possible some of the games from that poll get resurrected. 

Here is that poll (via SEGAlization):

Most hoped revival

  1. Sakura Wars (2457)
  2. Jet Set Radio (1485)
  3. Virtual On (729)
  4. Shenmue (727)
  5. Virtua Fighter (581)
  6. Panzer Dragoon (538)
  7. Shining Force (518)
  8. Skies of Arcadia (483)
  9. Streets of Rage (437)
  10. NiGHTS into dreams… (261)
  11. Space Channel 4 (234)
  12. Shinobi (144)
  13. Sangokushi Taisen Trading Cards
  14. Burning Rangers (115)
  15. Fashionable Witches Love & Berry (105)
  16. Alex Kidd (99)
  17. Outrun (96)
  18. Dreamcast (89)
  19. Daytona USA (70)
  20. Answer X Answer (66)

Brand you’re most invested in

  1. Sakura Wars (1843)
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog (1284)
  3. Phantasy Star Online (1155)
  4. Virtua Fighter (991)
  5. Jet Set Radio (913)
  6. Yakuza (878)
  7. Panzer Dragoon (873)
  8. Sega Saturn (658)
  9. Persona (636)
  10. Hatsune Miku Project Diva (614)
  11. Shenmue
  12. Yumeiro Cast
  13. Cyber Troopers Virtual On
  14. Mega Drive
  15. Puyo Puyo
  16. Sangokushi Taisen
  17. Daytona USA

Favorite character

  1. Segata Sanshiro (1840)
  2. Kazuma Kiryu (1521)
  3. Ryo Hazuki (1446)
  4. Bayonetta (1375)
  5. NiGHTS (850)
  6. Dr. Eggman (651)
  7. Temjin (591)
  8. Arle (577)
  9. Alex Kidd (576)
  10. Ulala (492)
  11. Erica Fontaine
  12. Kaito Shindo
  13. Morgana
  14. Beat
  15. Sonic
  16. Blaze Fielding
  17. Sakura Shinguji
  18. Vyse
  19. The King of Beetles
  20. Director Yukawa

To throw some more speculation into the fire, Obsidian quoted Gematsu’s SEGA article and tweeted with “What if…?” Obsidian and SEGA developed and released a game called Alpha Protocol in 2010.


Which IPs would YOU like to see come back? Discuss in the comments below!

Source: SEGA Sammy (via DualShockers

Marcin Gulik

Been a gamer all my life. Studied Sociology and Criminology in college, and traveled for a bit. I like long walks on the beach and I like to listen to... (wait wrong site....) Sega Dreamcast and Shenmue all the way!

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  • GuitarAnthony

    Kinda odd Shenmue is on the list since Shenmue III is coming and not from Sega.

    Otherwise, if it’s not an open world GTA style Jet Set Radio I don’t want to know. My Sega died when the Dreamcast got discontinued. THAT Sega had creativity. THAT Sega had BALLS!

    • Marcin

      They’re probably thinking about re-releasing the first two. It’s also a possibility SEGA might fully fund Shenmue IV if it comes to that. You never know 🙂

      • Travis Francis

        They don’t need to rerelease the first one; it’s already been ported over. We DO need JSRF!

        • Nowhere Man

          He’s referring to Shenmue.

  • Alex

    My list:

    Golden AXE – Come on it was such a great game back then, and been too long since we have seen an honorable port/remake or sequel!

    Street of Rage – Who did not like Street of Rage 2 for example? make it a new modern one with the same amazing playability, and I belive it would be quickly a new hit

    Outrun – well they did several remake along the years, but never enough the original songs are still so cool!

  • Can we give them another chance at a Star Wars arcade game, if they promise to make a home version this time?

    • Jon Lee

      They did, it was released on the 32x

      • 1994 was a long time ago, though. And Sega Star Wars arcade drove like a space bus. I’d love a fast HD version with full range motion.

  • limbclock

    I would like to see either Jet Set Radio, DAytona USA or maybe even SEGAGAGA getting a release in the west. FINALLY.

  • Daniel Neko Andress

    A Segagaga HD would also be nice. ;P

  • Nowhere Man

    I don’t know if any AM6/Smilebit members are still there, but a new Panzer Dragoon game would be swell. Also nice to see Virtual On getting love. Revive classic Saturn franchises! But really, new, proper Shining Force and Phantasy Star (not Online) games would also be awesome. Or at least localize the other more recent Shining games on PSP….

  • הקטור פיליפ


  • Dayph

    Which are their major ips? All time ips, actual ips,…? I’m not sure.

  • Ryan Joshua Wheeler

    Bring back the greatest mech game ever. Chromehounds

  • Gamer707b

    WOW!! There are so many Sega made games I’d love to see again. Don’t know who or what owns the rights to them now, but Skies Of Arcadia, single player Phantasy Star, Ristar, a new Thunder Force, I can go on and on….

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