Daily Archives: April 20, 2017

ATLUS registered Persona domains P3D, P5AG, P5D, P5R, P5U, Persona Dance, and PQ2

It looks like the Persona series is not stopping anytime soon! According to Ryu’s Office, which the company that registered the domain name for ATLUS’ upcoming Project Re: Fantasy, registered a couple of more domain names related to the Persona series.  Via Gematsu:   P3D.jp (Persona 3 Dancing?) P5AG.jp (Persona 5 A…fter Golden?) P5D.jp (Persona 5 Dancing?) P5R.jp (Persona 5 R…acing?) P5U.jp (Persona 5 Ultimax …

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Was SEGA’s foray into real-money gaming ahead of its time?

While some gamers may be surprised to learn that Sega once played host to a real-money online casino, it’s not that much of a stretch when you consider that the gaming giant has a rich history of creating titles associated, one way or another, with iGaming. From the mechanical gambling pachinko machines of Japanese arcades the company produced in the …

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