ATLUS registered Persona domains P3D, P5AG, P5D, P5R, P5U, Persona Dance, and PQ2

It looks like the Persona series is not stopping anytime soon! According to Ryu’s Office, which the company that registered the domain name for ATLUS’ upcoming Project Re: Fantasy, registered a couple of more domain names related to the Persona series. 

Via Gematsu:


  • (Persona 3 Dancing?)
  • (Persona 5 A…fter Golden?)
  • (Persona 5 Dancing?)
  • (Persona 5 R…acing?)
  • (Persona 5 UltimaxPersona 5 Arena?)
  • (Persona Dancing portal site?)
  • (Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth 2?)

Persona 8, 9, and 10 were also registered, which might just be a way for them to secure the name for future titles. What do you think these registered domains mean? Discuss in the comments below!

Via Gematsu 

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