Sakura Taisen collab arrives GranBlue Fantasy

As we reported previously SEGA and Cygames joined for a Sakura Taisen x Granblue Fantasy collab. Information on when and how has been revealed today: Sakura Shinguji, Gemini Sunrise, Erika Fontaine, Shinjiro Taiga, and Ichiro Ogami will join a special event to be featured on Granblue Fantasy from May 13th until May 23rd 2016. The event features the same Sakura Taisen story setting in which you have to get rid of the Koumas, players will be able to unlock the Sakura Wars characters and weapons…

And since there’s already a Street Fighter collab in the game you can start your own Project x Zone mini game on Granblue Fantasy.



GranBlue Fantasy is a RPG mobile game by Cygames. The Sakura Taisen collab is part of the series 20th Anniversary celebration events.

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