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SEGA working on ‘solutions’ for Phantasy Star Online 2 to West

At this point, we’ve all but given up hope on the idea that we’ll actually get Phantasy Star Online 2 released in the West.

However, according to SEGA of Europe’s Dan Sheridan in the latest SEGA Central episode, all hope is not lost!

Responding to a question via Twitter on what happened to the game, Sheridan said, “It’s another game we’d love to bring to the West. There are all manner of challenges of localizing such a huge game and ensuring the same quality that’s delivered here (Europe) as it is in Japan.

“We are working behind the scenes on potential solutions, and again cannot definitively say it’s coming, but we’re looking into it.”

While that by no means is a confirmation that we’ll be playing PSO 2 at any point, it’s a heckuva lot better than the standard “It’s delayed, it’s delayed, it’s delayed” response we’ve received from SEGA of America the past several years.

Just knowing the project to get the game released in the West isn’t quite dead gives us some sense of hope. There’s a flicker still there; can you see it?

Phantasy Star Online 2 was originally released in Japan on PC on July 4, 2012, on Vita on Feb. 13, 2013, and on the PlayStation 4 on April 20.

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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  • Nameless App 1989

    It’s fun to hope. Here’s hoping these guys are successful!

  • j0eeyy_p

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Exare

      Was just about to post the same thing.

      It’d be nice, but at this point does anybody even care? There are so many more awesome MMOs to choose from now (like FFXIV), plus I feel so cheated by SEGA already because of them pretending like a Western announcement never even happened…

      Come to think of it, SEGA hasn’t done anything in the last 10 years that I could even try to pretend to care about. I suppose the ATLUS USA acquisition was a good thing, but that’s because ATLUS actually makes good games! Sega keeps shoveling crap software and re-releasing lackluster collections noone asked for while pretending like they have some huge announcement prior to their release only to leave people thoroughly disappointed.

      SEGA is just about dead to me. I won’t hold my breath for PSO2 in the West. If it comes over here that’ll be amazing, but I won’t hold my breath.

      • ZphyrMorgov

        I think their just afriad of the sjw and feminist’s I played the game and the clothing and character’s are hot but I’m sure people would make a big stink about it point i’m trying to say is we as gamer’s got to get rid of those people other wise they going to get rid of more of our japanese games we know and love.

        • Honestly that doesn’t even matter, the real reason is likely money issues. I’ve been playing PSO2 for five years, I can say that they make the most money from collaboration items with anime and other games, if they brought the game over to the west and can’t bring licensed properties into it, then where do they get money? It’s either getting collaborations that make people want to spend money on gachas, or making the game entire P2W like the SEA server.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            I never got a chance to play psp2 online how was it?

          • The game itself was great, it was like Phantasy Star Universe but with some much needed features like dodge rolls, plus there wasn’t many connection problems and things ran pretty smoothly. Sega even tried slowly releasing item codes over time, but hackers figured out the codes within days of release. Cheaters were everywhere unfortunately. Since the game was offline and online, people would modify values in the offline mode to get advantages in online. I can guarantee it was a bigger problem in the western release though, as I also owned the expansion, PSP2 Infinity, which was JP only, and JP was much better kept together in terms of community.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            Yeah i’m starting to see the bright side of not playing psp2 but honestly why are you such a sega fan after psu and psp2?

          • The games weren’t bad at all, I loved PSU to death, a lot of the issues were either the fact that Sega of America has been downsized a few times over the years, or the games aren’t profitable enough to keep afloat outside Japan. Not to mention whenever fans themselves ruined a game.

            I am a bit biased though, because I grew up with Sega, and even lived not too far from their US Headquarters back when the original PSO was alive. And I’ve played every Phantasy Star game to date, from the classics to now, even JP only titles. The series means a lot to me.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            Same here but their was to much crap going on in psu mainly the updates to event’s,mission’s,equipment,and etc japan was way ahead of us and yet they still charged us to play their game .

          • Sega of America probably didn’t have the manpower to keep the game up and running I imagine. That’s also another reason they might have never brought PSO2 to the west, why even try if they know they won’t be able to give a good experience.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            Yeah but if you charge your customer to play your game every month you should have updates and etc.

          • Wyll Gonron

            Quite disappointing… instead of a single lobby with all the players, you are forced to join with every player you met, basically, instead of a lobby for all to interact, you go straight to the party, and only the 4 party members could see and talk with one another, and atop of that, there was no privacy at all, when you say something (with that awful keyboard layout) every one playing could read, even if they are in a mission and you in your room, speaking of which, everyone could enter in everyone’s room at will in any given time, but the room customization is far better than PSO2, no questioning ( I even made a private bar, a trophy room and a game-show ) and the story progression was way less tiring than PSO2, the weapon system let your create your own dream class/job by spending extending point to set equipable weapons by rank and passive abilities and permanent boosts, other than that, it is all just like PSU AOTI, with a few improvements there and where.

          • Justin Kelly

            actually the SJW argument is valid, Several japanese games have recently been editing thier games to be more feminist and sjw friendly for western releases. Xenoblade and terra spring to mind.

        • Cold_Feedback

          I say this, Forget the haters, the feminists and forget all that would ‘oppose’ the game, release it as is, with the proper rating system, and you’re golden, the organizations then can complain, but they can say, “It’s in the game rating, so don’t complain if you’re allowing and/or buying this game for your kid.”

        • ZeoVGM

          You are an idiot.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            I’m sorry who are you again?

          • ZeoVGM

            Someone calling out the fact that you said something ridiculous.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            I’m sorry but who are you again?

        • Justin Kelly

          or you know, they could just say fuck it and publish it as they intended instead of caving to a very vocal minorities bull shit claims that would have never even purchased the game in the first place.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            It’s free to play on the japanese psn on ps4.

          • Darsch

            was not talking about it pso2 specifically, was referring to the fact so many Japanese titles are censoring themselves needlessly for us release because of people that don’t even purchase games to begin with.

          • ZphyrMorgov

            I agree these companies are too soft wish they listen to those that support the game.

        • Mohammed Abbas

          forget them bitches, just haters

          • ZphyrMorgov

            I agree.

    • Rabbit.EXE

      Lmao! I typed the same thing only to scroll down and see the same response. Glad I’m not alone with this feeling.

  • Been selling my soul to Blade&Soul for quite some time now, as I’d been waiting for that since 2009. BUT I’ve been playing PSO a LOT longer since the DreamCast days, so.. I’d definitively be willing to give this game another shot in official English if it ever releases though my patience does have a limit.

  • Giordan

    I say we’re not getting the Vita release. That version is over 4 years old plus it’s on a handheld that’s… not doing so well

  • Amayan13

    Lol what’s funny is that I tweeted them about it last night…

  • fenrir kills things

    so is this a joke or something pretty hard to believe with sega’s “Bad record for western releases”

  • MikelAL93

    I’ve already accepted that the game would never be released in the US and Europe, but I hope to see Sega pull through with this and make sure the localized versions are up to par with the Japanese version. 🙂

  • aeralure

    This HAS to happen. It’s the only thing that would save Sega in my eyes. Used to be my favorite gaming company, but their dropping the ball for years now on localizations for the west – particular PSO releases on various platforms – has pretty much killed that. I’d rather play this than XIV. Played XIV for a a year, but it’s got one of the most boring end games of any MMO I have ever played. PSO on the other hand is a hunting game at heart and PSO2 remains the one thing I wish to play more than anything else. Not holding my breath though. Sigh. At least this is kind of news.

  • Renaldi Saputra
    • For the record, that was related to PC release. The PS4 release is available for them to port now, and with Sony’s Building the List initiative, I believe it could very well happen.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        I guess Sony won’t help with the Building the List, it’s futile.

  • Red Aloia

    🙂 <3

  • James Brown

    The best platform right now for them to release this on would be the PS4, especially since that version of the game is still relatively fresh anyways, seems to make more sense to me to market this game as a console MMO, I just think it won’t be as successful as a PC version anymore after alot of us played the fan translation patch.

    Ideally both platforms would be great but if they had to choose, in my opinion atleast, PS4 seems the most enticing!

    • DS23

      Yeah, part of why it supposedly never made it over was due to Vita being kind of DoA internationally (it’s a great machine that deserved a better fate).

      • BK

        Actaully is because of the profits sega makes are mostly from anime/game collaboration costumes and cosmetics, most of wich they would have to pay a liscense for in the west to import said costumes and some of them arent even widely known for westerners: Space battleship yamato, Border Break, Yuru yuri, Sen no kiseki, and some custom japanese artist collaborations, including the fan-made yearly contest which are mostly pixiv artists.
        Most if not all of those things wont be brought over since its a gamble to pay the liscensings to then see if they make a profit from the cosmetic stuff (wich by the way are in the form of random gamble) and whitout cosmetic updates the game is not that great in content and update-wise.

        • DS23

          A huge percentage of their profits being collab driven and such things being a licensing nightmare internationally is definitely a part of the puzzle as well.

        • Maxime Bolduc

          That’s also only the tip of the iceberg. More than half of the profit Sega makes every year is actually from machines such as pachinko and slots machines. Their “game development” department have been cut by 2/3 in the last 10 years because they’re renown as a AAA game developing company, yet that kind of development has become less and less profitable (even if the amount of money moving around in that market is raising).

          The reason why they aren’t releasing an NA or EU version is simple: right now, they doesn’t need to because those who really want to play always finds a way to get access. The reason why they recently started to bring it back up is because the game had a steady decreasing in its revenues steam in the last 2 years where the additional stuff added barely raised the revenues steam for more than a couple of months. They’re preparing the international market in case the game drop further. In other words, NA and EU is basically their backup for when the JPN version doesn’t support the game any further.

    • AS118

      I agree. With a PS4 version now available, I feel like a release on PS4 + PC might be enough to make a western release potentially profitable. On PC and Vita? Much less likely.

  • It’s so funny that Sega have taken this long with PSO2 west, it’s fan base has literally almost given up all hope and hate Sega etc. However, from a financial perspective, it’s obvious that PSO2 is too much of a money spinner to not bring to us over here. I believe it’ll still happen. It’s just going to take up a lot of resources to localise it for us over here. It’s a whole different ball game compared to Asia. Just look at all those promos like bonus costumes from this game or that anime – those won’t happen over in the US and EU (remember how PSO1 US and EU never ever had the cool stuff that PSO1 JP had? The issue is likely licensing). Perhaps Sega EU and US are looking into licensing other third party companies for promos (non-JP), but then they need a team to design and create the costumes, the promo updates and so on. Who’s going to do that? Only PSO 2 JP staff are really capable, but they’re obviously busy. Then there’s other stuff like getting the game’s English voice actors – another huge job by itself.

    Anyway… I’d hate to be the person to head PSO2 west. It’s an utterly huge responsibility that will no doubt disappoint us if not done properly. Question is HOW to do it properly and get it to make as much money and keep the updates as exciting as PSO2 JP? Not let the game die? That’s a 5-10 year plan right there. Good luck to whoever has the guts to press the button on that…

    • Matthew

      I’d love to see those Anime promos in the West we love Anime too!

  • It’s not ever coming out. You guys are aware that it’s been 4 years already right?

    I would be more surprised if they announced a new phantasy Star MMO at this point.

    • Melissa Whitney

      That’s what people said about the FF7 remake and now its on its way.

      • Yeah keep telling yourself that. PSO2 is already dying and/or dead. The people who wanted to play the game are already playing it, or already have.

  • AS118

    At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I suppose it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. I don’t know how they’d handle tie-ins though.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Just add an Eng option to the JP Client, let peeps play on JP Servers. (Worked decently enough for FFXIV 1.0). Don’t bother with voice overs and all that jazz. Seems like it would be an amicable enough option.

    • BK

      Its called tweaker and english patches my friend, if you really like pso2 and want to play, do as everyone who wants to is doing.

      • Yolo Swagz

        Yeah, like it’s that simple. Every time the game updates you get an error and have to reinstall and redownload the game, which actually takes about 8-10 hours on FAST connection. PSO2 is fucked.

  • Matthew

    Unless the reason it’s been delayed for 4 years is they have been constantly working on getting it up to date with the Japan version then they’ve failed in my eyes, hell I don’t even want a up to date version at launch I want the game to start from vanilla and progress gradually as all games do not be thrown in at the deep end.

  • Kerorasumaru

    It already has a english version. Released to a english speaking region of asia. This simply is not about localization. This is nationalism at it finest.

    • Berto Yulianto

      Yeah, the english version has been released in my country.
      But only for PC and I’m not PC gamer. I want to play it on my Vita… or PS4.

    • BK

      With a huge pay2win monetizing system wich rents you crap so you can not-be one shotted in its supposed “endgame” having “stat bonuses” that in jp you grind for and are permanent as “costume bonuses” that expire on date, they also have a “top cash currency expenders” ranking, need more to say?

  • William Orlando Figueroa

    Really hope that it’ll come to the west for the Ps4. I’m pretty jealous that Xbox get to have 2 Phantasy Star games (though the servers were shutted down and the multi-player is what made the game fun) and I swear, I feel as if Sega still doesn’t like Sony and they are only supporting the Ps4 for the sake of money (obviously).

  • Beecher Smith

    sega can go fuck itself, its tanking

    • Beecher Smith

      and for one of many reasons

  • PrinceBrightstar

    So this happened today… here’s to hoping.

  • I’ve been playing on Japanese servers since the game came out over there, so I don’t think I’d switch over to western servers if they came out. I also know plenty of people who would do the same, not because “JP is superior” or anything, but because it’s been five years, so much time put into the game, hard to want to start fresh again.

    Not that I wouldn’t play it though, I just don’t see myself making a complete switch.

  • BK

    Meh at this point fuq it i got tired of waiting two years ago and did something about it, went to PSO2JP.
    Here i am sitting in endgame gear with more popping up every 2 months or so, dressed in all and any anime collaborations west wont have due to liscensings, getting up to day weekly patches (PSU anyone?), i´ve gone too far to start anew for a few english translated tweaks that the fan translation doesnt prioritize for them being unneeded, do you really need a quest flavor text if what you need to do and where is translated? not really.
    Besides, if SEA is the “Official translation” to go by, even more to the fuq it part.

  • Bullimarm

    Yay? I mean in all honesty its at least 3 years too late. My interest came and went and this is coming from a person that spent his middle and high school years playing PSO, put money down and played PSU (I mean it was fun but they rehashed too much with AoTI), At this point my interest has fully turned over to the dark souls series, at least I know that series is actually over and we got all of the games.

  • ZphyrMorgov

    I played the japanese version of pso2 it’s going to cause the sjw and feminist’s to rage I think the jap’s are wise not to release it to the west it would just cause a shit storm.

  • Haganu

    I honestly wouldn’t want to let a game as amazing as pso2 be ruined by the trash western market.

  • Rabbit.EXE

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Slade

    Dedicated a lot of my time, money and life to the series and was playing on the Japanese servers for a bit. They made it harder at one point and banned many western IPs. It was already a lot of work to get in the game and they you have to get the tweaker for translation etc. I was just so upset. There isn’t a game I would rather play and for them to do this really really made me sad.

  • omgitsbees

    This is total horseshit. If Sega hasn’t been able to find a “solution” to bringing PSO2 to the west then they never will. Far larger and more complex online games have been brought to North America and Europe without issue.

  • sidraan

    right they are “looking into it” Come on if they were looking into it, we would already see the game out already by now. Sorry but im just gonna stick with the jp servers.

  • Pixelmancer

    What “challenges of localization”? They already have an English version launched in SEA. All they have to do is sell it to us. I don’t get why they’re still insulting our intelligence by lying to us. It’s clearly never coming.

    • Yasutora

      I heard they had it up for the West for a day but something or other glitched and locked people out, so they took it back down.

  • Joe (Jiro)

    I am still hoping.

  • maxatax

    segga is definitely having cash problems. they missed such a big release with no reason why it was delayed. somewhere in the hierarchy someone wasnt getting paid nough in a western release and the deal never got made. that being said if this game gets released id be shouting loudly for joy. but i dont think anyones still holding their breath for a western release

  • Kerorasumaru

    There is already an English version of the game that was released to an English speaking region of Asia. So the excuse of having problems is a lie.

  • Kerorasumaru

    Sega has become nationalist. it’s as simple as that. They already have an english version. in an english speaking region of asia. They simply just don’t want us to have it.

  • Yolo Swagz

    I really don’t recommend anyone to play on the JP servers. You’ll spend an entire day downloading and installing all the patches/updates, then a couple more hours trying to get rid of all the errors, CTDs, graphical issues, then the game updates itself and you get another error and have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. I’ve spent more time trying to set the game up than actually playing, and I’ve done this sooooo many times over the last few years – this is why I hate SEGA.

    TL;DR PSO2 JP is not worth the trouble.

  • Drakulus

    I call bullshit on that. It’s already translated and it’s been way too long. Most people that wanted to play PSO2 already have by other means. I’ve been playing it for years with my wife.

    The only reason reason I can think of is Sega doesn’t want to take heat from sjw and feminist’s.

  • Romancing

    They are just blowing smoke to calm the bickering

    The solution is to officially support NA/EU region to play on Japan servers. The networking code is designed so that latency doesn’t affect quality of game play.

    “Officially Support” i mean offer legit methods of payments for western users. As is western users have to bend themselves backwards with lots of risk to make cash-shop transactions. They can even approach the english patch fans/creators to endorse their work.

    Alas its Sonic Team they rather inconvenience Westerns than take our money

  • Wyll Gonron

    If you ask me, they are just stalling and procrastinating until the western player give up, I’ve seen how game server and hosting works with my own eyes, there is NOT ONE WAY IN THE WORLD that “issue” could take almost 7 year to be fix, would be at most 2 years with a dev-team that never open Visual Studio before, so I’ll say it one more time: they are waiting until the western player get tired of waiting and requesting so they can announce they are “giving up” what they never intended to do in the first place, I can even picture their word: “We regret to inform all the western player that we could not fix the problems in order to bring PSO2 to western citizens, we apologize to all the players who anxiously waited for the game to be released, the Japanese version will remain fully functional to all existing and new players, thank you for understanding”

  • ReyHawk

    It’s been so long now I would hope there on their way to making a PSO 3

  • J. Doe

    “There are all manner of challenges of localizing such a huge game and
    ensuring the same quality that’s delivered here (Europe) as it is in

    No there isn’t! There WOULD HAVE been, if the fans didn’t already start localising stuff as it is. The English patches are a bit tatty in places (they’re tug-of-warring with Sega between PSO2 updates and fan-made localisation patches), but Sega has at least 60% of their work done for them. And the fans would be overjoyed that they’d hand their patches over to Sega for appropriation if they were asked.
    Fans are so committed to this game that they’re doing Sega’s job for them.

    As usual.

    • StayClassy

      More than that, SE Asia already has a localized english version, realistically all they need here is fucking servers.

  • Dark Prince

    all im gonna say is even tho its been years there was a point i didnt think blade and soul would ever come to the west but to see that it did i can believe that even pso2 can do the same i know its been a long time waiting and it may not be worth it for most people but i loved my game back on the xbox played the shit out of it and when this comes out i will do this the same 🙂

  • DemiGoth

    I don’t see the problem for a western (EN/US) localization. There’s already a very good translation patch out there (I’ve played it myself), that SEGA could just call the EULA breach on it, claim the translation and use it for the localization (or do what XSeed games with with the Ys translation and just buy the translated work). I’d love to play PSO2 on EU/US servers with a lot better ping than I used to have in JP…

  • Ryan Stinnett

    “all manner of challenges of localizing such a huge game” oh? but it’s already been translated into English, what are they waiting for? http://www.ricedigital.co.uk/phantasy-star-online-2-english-version-now-playable-west/

  • wesley mccarley

    I’ve moved on and left Phantasy star behind. Was one of my favorite game series, but I feel like sega has really failed the west.

  • mustdisqus

    Judging by the PSO forums people have been playing PSO2 since 2012 on the PC through english patches already. The dedicated fans obviously wouldn’t wait. A release now would hurt it’s success as a result of all these lost sales (unless they actually imported the official japanese edition, if it was available physically). It’s simply too late. Some articles note Sega Japan probably see the west as being FPS fanatics when it doesn’t come down to anything with the ‘Sonic’ label, and weren’t too bothered on a release anyway. I’m still waiting for the next gen remake of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe

  • Drako Overlord

    ha! thats just anther way there saying fuck off it’s not going to happen

  • Christopher Jones

    Its not coming Sega hates America I put so many hours in to PSU on Xbox 360 ITs like Konami and Suikoden 6 They dont care about us in america

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