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RetroN 5 adding Game Gear adapter later this year

The RetroN 5 can already play a ridiculous amount of games, including Genesis and Mega Drive titles, but later this year, it will add support for the Game Gear via an adapter, according to Hyperkin’s Product Manager Paul Leung.

In speaking to The Show Radio during E3, Leung said, “Before the end of this year, we will have an adapter that will allow (the RetroN 5) to play Game Gear games. The RetroN 5 does use a single processor, so as long as you program that processor and memory banks correctly, then you can actually make it work with anything as long as it has the right cartridge port, provided there’s enough processor power.

“With the amount of Game Gears in the wild, the majority of them the screen is dried up, the resistors are cracked, they’re just not working, but you still have tons of cartridges just sitting around, he continued. “So our retail partners have been begging us to make it work with the Game Gear, and we will have that out by the end of this year.”

Leung didn’t specify how much the RetroN 5’s Game Gear adapter will cost. With the addition of the Game Gear, the system will be compatible with 11 consoles and handhelds from various regions, ranging from the NES to the Game Boy Advance.

This news is actually incredibly awesome for us Game Gear owners as, like Leung mentioned, most of our systems no longer work, due to faulty screens and capacitor issues. When the adapter releases, it will mark the first time we’ll be able to play Game Gear games on our HDTVs with clean video signals, which makes the RetroN 5 that much more enticing for SEGA Nerds out there.

[Via Neo GAF]

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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  • Eric James

    Wooo Ren and Stimpy, here I come!

  • TheRequiem95

    Oh. My. God.


  • Kye Weasner

    ok so i was never a big fan of the retron 5 but this… this is cool

  • Ricky

    Weird considering the Genesis Plus GX version (which is the emulator they are using in the Retron 5) that has Game Gear support is not GPL but non-commercial, hence why R.Broglia could not use it in MD.EMU

    Hyperkin probably don’t care about legal issues though and their claims to have reverted to the older GPL version of the emulator to respect Genesis Plus GX emulator authors licensing terms are probably just lies, which is not so surprising.


  • daisetsu 100

    should have been builtin from the start. ill just wait for the next retron model then

    • Pedro Ferreira

      They should save it for Retron 4.

  • Genesis Moss

    Will this however work with whatever system the cartridge port is made for? Ie if it’s a genesis cart will it work with my Genesis or will I have to own a retron?

    • Stephini

      Going to guess based on the way the retron works that the adapter will be a strait bypass with no new hardware and everything will be done software side (basically adding a new emulator) so no it wouldn’t work just like how the power base converter doesn’t work in the retron. PBC (used to play master system which are chip identical to gamegear) has extra hardware not present in the genesis(think about how the super gameboy works)

  • Kinard Trader

    I just brought the adapter and plan to buy some Sega Master System Games, I have two questions. the first one is will I be able to play Japanese Sega Mark III (The Japanese name for the SMS) with the adapter and 2nd has anyone try the adapter on the super retro Trio, because I have both a Super Retro Trio and a Retron5 I’m just asking?

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