Typing of the Dead: Overkill DLC confirmed, no custom dictionaries

Shortly after Typing of the Dead: Overkill released on Steam, some users found a database entry listing three upcoming DLC dictionary additions to the game, which were named Shakespeare, Football Manager and Profanity. We talked with Ollie Clarke, the game’s project lead and founder of Modern Dream, and he confirmed that indeed the DLC is coming.

“There is more stuff coming, and it is hilarious,” Clarke said. “Working on this game, I never appreciated how beautiful language is. You look at Shakespeare, and it’s a harder level of language to type, but it’s very beautiful at the same time.

“But what you can do is actually mix dictionaries, so if you switch on the Profane dictionary at the same time, you get some very interesting combinations of profane language and Shakespeare,” he said. “We were crying in laughter when we turned it on. ”

Love all, trust a few b*tches, do wrong to none. – Bill Shakespeare

This is something that surprised me as I never considered the possibilities of adding multiple dictionaries simultaneously, but like Clarke said, it should make for some incredibly hilarious moments in the game.

Clarke also confirmed there will be no custom dictionaries that would allow user to enter their own words and phrases and use them in the game or share them with friends.

“That is something we did look at but not something we put it in there,” he said. “Mainly because you could have someone putting something in there that would be particularly unpleasant. You want people to have fun, but at the same time, you have to be responsible with what you’re doing. We made the responsible decision there.”

Chris Powell

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  • anon

    Yeah, mainly because someone might be rude on the internet. Not because they want to sell DLC. Of course not.

  • balls

    >Releasing a Profanity DLC
    “Oh Oh, we don’t want to let anyone have custom dictionaries because someone might write something inappropriate.”

    Jesus, the god damn hypocrisy.

    • While I can certainly understand why you and other people are saying it’s somewhat hypocritical for Modern Dream and SEGA to release a Profanity dictionary pack and not a custom dictionary, I think there’s actually good reason for it.

      I spoke a bit about it on this week’s Nerdcast, but here’s my thoughts on it:

      Think about it for a second if Modern Dream did add custom dictionaries to the game and some person wrote all sorts of different child pornographic material and then uploaded the gameplay video to YouTube. The video starts circulating and people are shocked this kind of material is in a SEGA game.

      At this point, all blame is directed at SEGA because the vast majority of people who view the video won’t know it’s from a custom dictionary and not something SEGA created and released. It would be a massive PR disaster.

      I would absolutely love for the game to include custom dictionaries, but I can’t fault Ollie Clarke, Modern Dream or SEGA for not allowing this feature in the game.

      • Simon Johnny

        Hmm… nope.

        What’s here is blatant use of DLC as monetary items.

        Using child pornographic material as an excuse is in poor taste as an example. If someone wanted to create erotic texts based on child abuse, then they don’t really need a dictionary.

        They could edit the game directly, and at the same time, while they’re at it, they could also edit any number of other things such as the character models and voices.

        Like others have already said, they should have used steam workshop. They could have had multilingual support already for all the major languages out there as well as some of the more obscure, such as gibberish, klingon, elvish or even for our русский (russian) steam friends.

        A missed opportunity. Great games are made greater via the modding community, creativity has even made poor games amazing.

        Hopefully they change their mind and let the community develop custom dictionaries.

        I was personally hoping to brush up on some typing skills for french words, C’est la vie.

        • A user hacking the game to add that stuff is much different than Modern Dream/SEGA providing the option for the user to add/edit content in the game.

          If someone did this, SEGA could totally exempt themselves from blame as they could simply say the person hacked it and added content that was never meant to be there in the first place. However, it couldn’t do that if they allowed custom dictionaries, empowering people to add whatever text they wanted to the game.

          I definitely agree that supporting Steam Workshop would have been great as you would likely have a community that could help police some of the more inappropriate content that would inevitably pop up.

          Like Ollie said a few times during the interview, though, I think it came down to a time and money decision. They were already on a tight deadline right from the beginning of development, but when you take time to consider they had to close Blitz and transfer all the work to Modern Dream, then had to move development locations twice, it’s a lot easier to understand that it wasn’t as fully featured as some would have liked.

          But for launching at only $10 and adding in free online co-op, I think it’s a great value.

          • Persey

            Gulp gulp gulp gulp. How does Sega’s D taste?

          • A tad bland to my liking, but it finishes nicely with a bit of earthy undertones.

  • Add Workshop support to the dictionary files! AAAAAAAAAAGH

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