Here’s what you need to do to unlock Shadow in Sonic Dash

We’re like at .01%. :/

So Hardlight Studios didn’t make it very clear exactly what you need to do to unlock Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Dash, but we’ll try to make things easier to understand.

Like we mentioned in a separate post on the latest Sonic Dash update, a new global challenge has been issued that involves EVERY Sonic Dash player. The challenge is for players to run a combined distance equivalent to going around the earth 100 times by Aug. 5. If the challenge is met, Shadow will be unlocked as a free playable character.

So, if you measure the circumference of the earth at its equator, that’s approximately 24,900 miles. Multiply that by 100, and you get 2,490,000 miles that must be ran. However, Sonic Dash calculates its distance using meters, so if you do all the fancy math, that means we need to run 4,007,266,560 meters by Aug. 5!!!!

My total distance ran is a measly 825,390 meters after nearly 10 hours of total gameplay time. Must do better!

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief at SEGA Nerds and Mega Visions Magazine. Over the years, he's written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others. Oh yeah, he's also been a diehard SEGA Nerd his entire life.

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  • TheRequiem95

    Aw, crap! I guess I have some running to do! See you on the leaderboards, Airman!

    • Most definitely! Send us a Gamecenter friend request. Our username is seganerds.

      • TheRequiem95

        Done, and done. Mine is TheRequiem95 (also XBLA Gamertag). Any for any Sega fan reading this is welcome to befriend me (a Sega related message to accompany it would be helpful, though).

  • felopepe

    Excuse me, I must be connected to internet to help with the distance traveled?

    • felopepe

      Or I can play without internet and the game store the distance traveled and when i connect with internet it will count the distance?

      • TheRequiem95

        I would think it would update like achievements are supposed to, but I honestly don’t know.

  • Fernanda Barranco

    it! I also want to play with you, my name in game center is!: Motita:! I would like agragarlos if you do not mind, to make the challenge. 🙂

    • TheRequiem95

      Got you added, Motita! Great score, by the way.

      • Fernanda Barranco

        ready! I saw you already added in my account, and thank you very much, your score is also very good.

        • Fernanda Barranco

          I have one and only one doubt deve distance to travel before August 5 and that day is when I have to play to give the distance?

  • Xx_SonicMaster_xX

    What that’s crazy talk does it add up or everyone has to run tht distance

    • TheRequiem95

      It adds up for all players, not individuals.

  • Stephencam93

    Yo add me. My game center acc is stephcam93. My score is around 4 million

    • Fernanda Barranco

      punctuation incredible! you mind if I add it to my game center?

  • Izz Syed

    Just started yesterday and I’m about 25% done
    Is everyone in the world doing it together or are we all doing it individually

    (I’ve run over 100 million in 2 days)

  • Bryant Arteaga

    I need to run a ton.I have about 3 million meters and please get me I’m Bryant0625 on Game Center.

  • Fernanda Barranco

    aaaa! ray I have no problems help me? what happens is that it can meet 33 laps but there is no way, not because I’ve been tresolviendo the daily challenges, achieving goals, beating my punctuation, but nothing!! I’m in 33 laps please any ideas or suggestions? something you can do as a team?

  • Fernanda Barranco

    hello! sorry I have a problem, and finish all the missions and now that I can do to give more laps?

  • Bounphitak Phitak

    I got 75 lap i dont know how i do that but yesterday i play sonic dash,my score 1.004.589 today i check global challenge i got 75 lap already how to get more 25 lap

    • Fernanda Barranco

      if I pass I have almost the same me 78 laps, I abansando very little: (

    • TheRequiem95

      The global challenge is additive, it adds up the run totals for all players across the world, so you’re contributing to the goal for everyone.

  • TheRequiem95

    As of today, the global total was at 96%, so it looks like we’re going to make it! Keep running, Sonic fans!

  • Fernanda Barranco

    aaaa! do not think so! and I have a Shadow, this amazing!!

  • TheRequiem95

    Shadow now unlocked!!! Good work, everyone!

  • Yo guys help me please ! I do all the 100 laps, but when I click on Shadow, nothing happens, That window just close, without do anything, and I don’t see shadow , please help !!!

  • No Shadow

    I have contributed so much to the global challenge but I don’t get Shadow. I am getting upset and don’t want to play the game anymore. Isn’t he supposed to be awarded to EVERYONE? Please fix it!!

  • Noctis1988

    i go crazy…. i do all the 100 laps but i haven’t shadow -.-

  • chris

    6 days ago I went into my sonic dash app and suddenly shadow comes up and I didn’t do anything and never knew about the global thing. Weird?
    Explain please?

  • Sydney Keefer

    When is the global challenge? I want to unlock shadow so bad!

    • jordan

      I want silver so badly does any one no how to get him please reply

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