SEGA Nerdcast: Episode 11

Joining us in this week’s SEGA Nerdcast is Veronica Vera and Oliver Bareham, the creators of Not Enough Rings, who talk about the success of their ongoing Kickstarter project!


Duration – 2hrs @ 58.3MB
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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Introductions
    • Steve continues to talk about his awesome retro games deal.
    • Chris talks about his Dragon Ball Z marathon, pre-ordering a PlayStation 4, his perler bead obsession and trying to organize his game room.
    • Graham shows off his fancy new Microsoft Surface tablet and watched that Superman movie … again.
  • Interview
    • We go into our interview with Veronica and Oliver
  • The Newsstand
    • New releases: Company of Heroes 2 and Project X Zone
    • Ecco the Dolphin, Streets of Rage & Shinobi III 3D port coming to 3DS
    • More Game Gear titles come to 3DS
    • SEGA considering porting popular PC titles to PS4, Xbox One
  • SEGA Community News
  • SEGA Nerds Giveaway
    • We are giving away a copy of Sonic Hits Collection on Steam!
    • The winner of the Sonic Hits Collection is Francisco Gómez García!
    • Second and third place winners receive SEGA Nerds pins: @ShadowKelsey and @bolt7.
  • What have we been playing?
    • Chris: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Sonic Colors
    • Graham: State of Decay, Tomb Raider
    • Steven: Pokemon White version 2, Alex Kidd, Guardian Heroes
  • Conclusion
    • Be sure to participate in the July Game of the Month Club!


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