SEGA Files Trademark for Sega NFTS

Sega has trademarked Sega NFT and Sega Classics NFT Collection. Additionally, Sega has trademarked what looks like multiple NFT projects connected to the developer and its games. Two trademarks have been established, one for Sega NFT and the other for Sega Classics NFT Collection. The two trademarks were filed on December 28th last year and were made public on January 14th. Sega is part of a gaming industry that is flourishing at the moment alongside the betting industry and competitive operators like the one reviewed here among many others.  So, what are the two trademark filings by SEGA?  

The two trademark filings and logos originated from the site that published the trademarks for Sonic Frontiers before the name was officially pronounced as the series’ next title. The NFT trademarks came after Sega announced in April last year that it would be joining forces with Inc to begin selling NFT digital content that uses blockchain technology.  

Community Feedback is Critical

At the beginning of the year, Haruki Satomi, Sega CEO, stated that the developer was willing to listen to community feedback before proceeding with NFTs. He also revealed that for NFTs, they want to try out several experiments. In this regard, they have begun several studies and considerations, but they have not decided anything so far regarding Play-to-earn (P2E). Satomi claimed that they had made several pronouncements concerning the matter. However, some users have shown negative reactions.

The SEGA CEO also stated that there is a need to assess several things carefully, such as how they can allay the negative elements. They are also exploring how they can introduce this within the Japanese regulation, what the users will accept and what they will not.

After that, they will consider it further if it leads to their mission of “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating.” However, Satomi revealed that if it is perceived as simply a money-making project, he would like to make a decision not to proceed with it.

The NFT’s Shape and Form is not Clear

At the moment, it is not clear what shape or forms the NFTs will take. It is also unclear whether the NFTs will move beyond the trademark stage. Sega Classics NFT Collection’s inclusion points to the fact that the company is thinking about using all its games and characters for the project.  

Under the initiative, SEGA will successively sell a wealth of digital assets, including visual art, from the time of the launch. There will also be video and background music that features in games as NFT content for several classic IPs developed for hardware released by SEGA in the past and are still trendy globally.

This will be the first of similar sales. In the future, the company plans to explore services that will allow users to use and enjoy their NFT content efficiently. Get your NFT’s put on canvas prints at American Sign Letters today.

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