Top platforming games of the decade

Essentially, platformers have been around since the dawn of videogames themselves. Some of the earliest games, which date back to the Arcade Era’s quarter-draining days, contained the earliest examples of what we came to know as platforming. Even after that period, platformers thrived within the 2D age constraints, spawning iconic franchises such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Lion King video game, of course. However, things are a little different today, and finding high-quality platforming video games is far more difficult than we would like it to be. 

Nonetheless, after browsing the history books of the past 10 years, I was able to compile a list of what I find to be the best of the best of the decade we are leaving. 

Super Meat Boy

Food, right? Super Meat Boy is an unnecessarily difficult game that laughs at you as you repeatedly fail. Yet the best part about it is that you really want to joke with it. Judy, senior manager at TrumpLearning which provides online digital marketing courses says, The constant challenge you are faced with by the game is packed as a light-hearted walk through a meat meadow that ultimately does nothing but forces you not to get mad about it and hate yourself a bit along the way. Much of the game’s platforming relies heavily on momentum, which is incredibly fun, and can also be very frustrating.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Jolly an accounting homework help writer says, Monster Boy is an extremely charming game that would just like to invite the player to an adventure through the shapeshifting universe. In it, to solve puzzles, straightforward courses and kill enemies, you can turn shapes into multiple different animals. In this game, there’s a lot to love, and if you’re a fan of retro games, you might just find some nostalgia, as this is a great entry into the Wonder Boy series that started back in 1986.


As I said earlier, when the gaming landscape was confined to only the second dimension the platforming genre thrived entirely. Fez wants to look at what could be a new platformer, and not what it was. It’s a charming game that fully embraces the decade’s new technological developments and challenges the player to focus on a larger picture than most of their predecessors. The game encapsulates the love that is put into a good platforming game with adorable prose, an excellent score and wonderful puzzles throughout.

Sonic Mania

The constant struggle for major studios facing extremely popular franchises is a basic one: how do you satisfy everybody who loves this thing? In the case of Sonic, the reaction has been extremely muddled, with reviews of almost every new release overwhelmingly negative this decade. Sometimes a major studio just had to say “ok, you do it.” That’s what Sega did, and what we got is an incredible tribute to the original Sonic games. Kelly who offers do my paper services says, Sonic Mania is fresh, thrilling and funnier than the show in about a decade.

Shovel Knight

When it first dropped back in 2014, this game was a full-on phenomenon, and its popularity has only grown ever since. Shovel Knight is fun, really fun, several sequels, lots of exploring and an endless sense of adventure through the familiar. The platforming is incredibly tight, the controls are straightforward and it is easy to grasp the mechanics. The game gives simple rules and encourages the player to fully utilise their creativity to get through enemy levels and defeat as pointed out by one user on his whitesmoke review

Ori and the Blind

Peace within a game is a rare thing to find. Our virtual world challenges are often similar to our physical struggles, but Ori doesn’t seek to stress the player out, but instead encourages us to solve our problems by stepping back, taking a deep breath and relaxing.  Lucky, an expert from whom students approach paper writing service says This game’s music and art are its attractions, and both are amazing, but when you sit down to play you’ll find a sense of wonder and joy that never ends. Even though you barely know them, you’re going to care about the animals, and you’re going to want to cleanse all the misery from its Eden-esque environment. It is a joy, it is quiet, it is a good place to be.

Hollow Knight 

I was told when I first learned about this game it’s just like Dark Souls. Awesome,’ I said to myself,’ this and every other game in life which is somewhat difficult.’ What I didn’t know and would soon find out is that the game really feels like Dark Souls. The effects are blatant, from a broken society’s dark world to the memory you may lose forever if you don’t pick it back up before you die again. The game is hard, and the way in which the combat is set up makes boss fights feel like intense platforming challenges, but there’s also so much heart here that makes the world even more exciting ,as remarked by John, an expert providing cdr report writing.

Super Mario Odyssey

It’s just the best, Jumping, man. Nintendo really outdid themselves here, it’s crazy the sheer amount of good content that this game has. Admittedly, this is probably the easiest game to complete on this list, but there’s so much happiness in every place visited, every secret uncovered, every puzzle solved, that I just can’t begin to explain all. The latest gimmick of this game is being able to change into your environment, but it is completely never bogged down by its own mechanic. The game treats every environment like a 5-course meal that it has to nail perfectly or otherwise nothing else will work, and it is that amount of commitment that you can literally taste in this game.  Nick, who offers services like do my programming homework says, Another nice part of the game is that it can be for as long as you want. There’s a certain amount of Moons that you need to earn to finish the storey but there’s a lot more available and prizes to find the extra ones. It ensures that you can set your own target and try to achieve it, and not an arbitrary goal that the game has set for you beforehand.

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