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Ryo Hazuki VA, Corey Marshall, gives in-depth look at Shenmue I & II

Corey Marshall, famous for his role of Ryo Hazuki in the Shenmue series, teams up with SEGA to give us a closer look at the Shenmue games and how they became one of SEGA’s most beloved franchises.

In this “Part 1” video, he explains the story of Ryo and how he goes on a revenge quest for his father’s murder, as well as the mystery around the Dragon Mirror that his father died to protect. Ryo’s quest leads him around from Yokosuka to many locations in China.

He explains how the obsession of finding clues, getting lost in the immersive world, and becoming Ryo Hazuki helped the games define modern gaming as it is today.

Shenmue I & II will be available on August 21st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Diego Agado Jr.

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