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Ryo Hazuki’s Japanese voice actor teases role reprisal in Shenmue III

Last month, we shared the news that Corey Marshall, who is the English voice actor for Ryo Hazuki, would potentially start recording his lines at the end of May.  Within the last 24 hours, we have also been getting some teases from Ryo Hazuki’s Japanese voice actor, Masaya Matsukaze:

Matsukaze tweeted out an image of the Shenmue: The Movie DVD cover on a stand with the message:

Time to prepare for my part (^_^)”


With the response from Corey Marshall last month and Matsukaze’s teaser today, all signs seemingly point to Shenmue III‘s dialogue being recorded fairly soon. Could this mean the game is practically finished?

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Via Phantom River Stone 

Marcin Gulik

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