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Sonic Maker fan game could be the Mario Maker-game you’ve been waiting for

Can fans do what SEGA won't?

Sonic fans have long been asking SEGA to create their own version of Mario Maker, but up until this point, the company hasn’t seemed all that interested in the idea. But now┬áit looks like a fan is taking it upon himself to do what SEGA won’t.

The aptly named Sonic Maker is being developed using GameMaker Studio 2 and is said to have physics and collision detection that closely match the original Genesis games. What’s more, it will use a camera position similar to what was featured in Sonic Mania.

Looking at the tech demo video above, it’s clear the game still has a ways to go before it’s completed, but it’s looking very promising so far.

What are your thoughts on Sonic Maker, and do you think SEGA will ever develop their own version of Mario Maker?

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